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2013-2014 Season

March 29, 2014 - Great day and great end to the season! ...and it has been a great season. A new trail was built with a first maintenance completed on it following the first heavy rain on the trail. We refurbished the old portion of the Western Loop Trail. In addition we completed a maintenance of the east half of the Town Overlook Trail.

OK, so we were facing the wrong way, but the background is good.
Phil Ken, Roy, Rhonda, Bill, Dan, Bill, DJ, John, Lee, John, Jim, Ken, Ron, Norm
Roy, DJ, Bill, & Ron
Smile purty now!
John, Lee, Ken & Dan
John and Dan
And the winner of the contest for the length of the new trail that we built this season is DJ. The actual length was 1803 feet.

I have dialed in some good weather for our potluck tomorrow. It will start at five at my house.

I will be sending a separate email to you with information regarding the development of Adero Canyon and a request for you to write the Town Council members indicating your approval and your desire for them to approve the development in Adero Canyon by MCO.

Thanks again for all your help!!!

March 15, 2014 - Maintenance of the Lake Overlook Trail is finished for the season, up to the top, along the top, and down the other side. Next season we will work up from the other side. Well done!!!

Ken, Larry, & Norm in front
Phil & Ron
Ken and his sun bonnet
Monica, John, Brian, Roy
Wow, this must be government work: one person working and everyone else standing and watching.
Larry, Roy, John, Ron, Brian, Ken, Ken, Phil, Norm, Monica --and Annie, still working away and not in the picture.

March 8, 2014 - With the weather we have had and the weather in the rest of the country, I am surprised that there is not a large segment of the rest of the country moving here. We worked very hard this past Sat. I thought the tread would be more pliable than it was from the recent rain. But we persevered and completed the maintenance all the way to the top of the trail. I would like to have us work 2, or 3 at the most, more Saturdays. This coming Sat will be easier than last Sat. We will work across the top, mostly moving away rocks that are lining the trail and then working the grade reversals down the hill at the other end of the ridge. The following Sat, I would like to work in the Preserve.

Phil and Norm
Yes, it was rather back breaking work today.
Jerry, John, Lee, Roy
Roy, Ron, Lee, Jerry
Phil, Lee, John, Roy, Norm, Jerry, and Ron
...and the accusation is that this is the only work that they ever see me doing.

February 15, 2014 - Thank you to the 16 people who helped put a finishing touch to the trail.

Norm, Lee, Phil, Ken, Brian, Jerry, Tom, Steve, DJ, John, Rick, Ken and Monica, Stan, John.
...and at Doughnutville afterward
Before and after shots:
We did finish the mountain bike extension of the southern end of the Western Loop, and really did a great job.
More before and after shots:
Yes we DID move all those boulders!
More before and after shots:
The view from the overlook near the end of our trail

February 8, 2014 - What a crew!! 15 of us challenged the boulders and the steep grades, and came out as winners: quality and quantity.

Thanks: Jerry, Ron, Bill (glad to have you back), Jim, Tom, Annie, Ken K, Rhonda (new recruit) John (the elder), Stan, Lee,Doug, TJ, and Norm.
The Boulder Boys prevailed!!

Stan & John banking a turn.
Jim, Bill & Doug just above the leaning rock.
A sight not often seen: Jerry taking a break.
Norm and Tom with Adero Canyon in the background.
Annie and Rhonda nearing the end of our trail.
Yes, I believe that we will finish this coming Saturday. What shall we do then??? We may not get to start the new B3 trail this year, but please help me get approval for the B3 trail and we can plan on it for next year. The notice about requesting this trail from the Town Council goes out to approximately 500 homes potentially effected by this trail, tomorrow. I have 5 people helping me stuff the envelopes with this notification tomorrow and I thank all the rest of you that offered. A public meeting about this potential trail will be held on March 5th, with a presentation to Parks & Rec Commission on March 11th, and the final presentation to the Town Council on March 20th. I would appreciate your giving support at any of these meetings, and will give more information later.

Again, please come and give support in favor of MCO's development plan at the Planning and Zoning meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 at Town Hall. If there are enough of you there, I will ask you to quickly stand as being in favor of the development plan. Too much of the time, the people who show up at these meetings are people against. I would like to have a nice showing of people that are for MCO's plan to develop Adero Canyon. Seriously, if MCO doesn't get approval, we may never get to use the 1.7 million that is already set aside for building the Trail Head.

And this coming Saturday is a declared: DOUGHNUT DAY.

Thank you all, and be thankful that we live here and not almost anywhere else.

February 5, 2014 - We accomplished a great deal today. Fourteen trailblazers built a lot of nice looking, smooth walking trail:

No Bill, we are not going uphill with that rock!!!
They all make it look so easy.
The suggestion was made to change Jacki's name to Cindy - for Cindi Lopper (OK so it's really Lauper), since she has become so adept ap using the loppers.
OK, everyone smile real purty now, and act like you are having fun.
...and this is at the end and they are still able to smile.

January 25, 2014 - We are fortunate for the good weather and the productive group of trailblazers that volunteer each week.

The smiling trail chain gang:
Jerry, Ken, Lee, Ron, John
Fortifying the trail edge:
Brian and Jim
Looking down Adero Canyon
Jacki and Annie
Lee, Ken, Annie, John, Jacki, Doug, Ron, Jim Jerry, new recruit Brian.
Jacki was the winner of the lottery for the Tee shirt.

January 18, 2014 - Another very productive day!

Ten of us were on hand, moved numerous boulders and moved ahead. The winner of the contest regarding how much did we build the previous day was Jerry Butler with a guess of 450 feet. The actual number was 397 feet, with most guesses being a good bit higher.

We got the best of most rocks.

But this one got the best of Jerry
Jackie, Jerry, Ron, & John
A Desert hairy scorpion.
...and a cactus on Annie's hat.
John #4, and Jim (#1)
Ken #2, John #3, and Ken #1
...and good company and good doughnuts at Bashas afterward.

This coming Saturday (25th) will be another day through the rocks,
but not all boulders like we encountered this week.

Annnnnnnnd, this Sat will be another drawing for a Tee shirt day.

Thanks all!!! We are doing a great job.
Bill #3

January 11, 2014 - The start of a brand new trail!

Rocks in the way??
Move 'em!!
Well, maybe not ALL rocks...


Doug and Ken move a rock

Stan, Rick, and Jerry grooming

Ten good men, Annie, and Bossy Bill (where is Jerry Butler?)
Lee, Ron, Ken, Larry, John, Annie, Doug, Ken, Rick, Stan

December 14, 2013 - Wow, don't they look great---and this is after work.

It really was a beautiful morning, and the vistas of the Verde valley were vibrant.

Lee and Ken were working hard, but I think Paul and Steve were hiding down there in the bushes.

Thanks Jerry, DJ and John

Thanks Norm, Jim and Ken

That guy in the foreground looks like he is faking it...must be a newbie.

Below is a picture of the plaque that is at the top of the Town Overlook trail for those interested in the names of the mountain ranges over there.

John wanted me to mention that he is helping as a steward for a section of the Arizona trail and will be working on his portion Wed morning at 8, meeting up route 87 at the parking area for Bushnel tanks. It might be a good experience for any of you that haven't seen that portion of the Arizona Trail. All are welcome to come and help... ...and it is winter break time. We don't have permission as yet to start another trail, so get your shopping and returning done the next two Saturdays. On Jan 4th we will help Jerry Butler and the greening committee by cleaning up the block that Sam owns, more later. If all goes well, we will start a new area from scratch on Jan 11th.

December 7, 2013 - I do believe that we earned our bagel and coffee last Sat. Seven of us did trail maintenance on a loooooong portion of the Pemberton Trail in the McDowell Mountain Park. Our work was in the faaaaar reaches, adjacent to the Scottsdale preserve at the North West corner of the Park, a pretty area. There is an all day bike race this coming Saturday (December 14), where the winner is the person completing the longest distance in the all day ride. We filled ruts in the tread and created grade reversals so that new ruts would not be formed.

Below is Park Superintendent Rand Hubbel in the center. To his left is John 2, DJ, John 1, and "not from our group" #1. To Rand's right is "not from our group" #2, Norm, Jerry and Lee.

November 30, 2013 - The weather was great and the ground was cooperative since the recent strong rain. We worked in the town's Botanical Garden. There were two areas that we worked on that would make walking a bit easier and also would discourage deeper ruts from future rain. The first area is just up from the first bench. The picture below showing the old part of the trail and the new part that we created.

Trailblazers kick off the 2013/2014 trail maintenance/building season on November 9

(Photos courtesy of Norm's brother-in-law, Yoo)

The following pictures were taken in late March 2004 with a crew working on the Western Loop trail which heads west (and up!) from the so-called "jeep road" that provides one of the most visible landmarks from many places in town.  The trail provides an approximately three mile loop running over the top of the ridge and back down to the "jeep road".

The "jeep road" mentioned above provides a broad, flat walking trail for 1.7 miles from the future trailhead parking area to the northwestern boundary of the Preserve.  And we didn't have to do a thing to build it!

Roy Kinsey wielding a pick.

Here is Roy Kinsey wielding a pick on the Western Loop trail currently under development at the time of this photo. It's not clear whether he is trying to remove a rock from the trail bed or set a new rock in place for a step or retaining wall.

Roy Kinsey is using a McLeod. In the background Dillon is working on building a step.

Roy Kinsey (who said leaders don't work hard) is using a McLeod to form a solid, level trail surface with just enough slant to drain properly. In the background Dillon Sanders is working on building a step in a switchback.

The McLeod is a tool used by fire fighters to build fire breaks. After several hours of raking, chopping and hacking with a McLeod we all gained a real appreciation for the strong physical condition of fire fighters.

Wayne Tall carrying a large rock.

If you think it's all just moving some dirt around and there's no heavy lifting involved, take a look at this picture of SCFH Board Member Wayne Tall carrying a large rock. The rock will probably be used in building a retaining wall. Retaining walls are needed when the trail has to be built up. We don't bring in any construction materials so all construction has to be done with materials found at the site.

Rocks of similar size, but flatter, are used to build steps when the slope is too steep to get by with just cutting the trail into the ground.

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