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Pics of the 2017/2018
trail blazing season
  • We started a safer portion of the bike path leading from the Western Loop down to the Trailhead. Although we didn't get to complete this due to the new construction of the Trailhead, we will do so at the beginning of next season.
  • We completed a maintenance of the 1.8 miles of the Sonoran trail.
  • We completed a maintenance on the Western Loop Trail.
  • We erected some temporary trail signs and when the new permanent signs are completed for the Lower Sonoran Trail, we will install them.
  • Of the 10 emergency helicopter landing pads on the Sonoran and Lower Sonoran trails, we completed a maintenance on 8 of these, as well as 1 of the 2 on the Western Loop Trail.
  • There were 31 different Trailblazers that worked at one time or other during this season. They worked an estimate of 515 hours.
  • Of the 16 different sessions that we worked this season, Walt Maiwald and John McCurdy share the honors of being there 14 of those sessions.
And we really did enjoy it!!! THANKS ALL!!!

Want to Join Us Next Season? Here's how!
A Little Bit of SCFH History... The original motivation for Fountain Hills residents was to preserve and protect their view of the western mountains. By acquiring a total of 740 acres of mountain top land they accomplished that goal. The process to secure this land for a Preserve started in 1995. Read more here...


McDowell Mountain Park - Find a list of programs available in the park, their weekly hike schedule, plus LOTS more.
Click images below for larger views taken on their "Friday Fitness" hikes.

A GREAT Opporunity!
With the opening of the Adero Canyon Trailhead, the Sonoran Conservancy of Fountain Hills is looking for people to volunteer as Trailhead Hosts. The Hosts would provide maps and information to the visitors about the trails and the preserve. A 2-3 hour once a month commitment on weekends would be appreciated. Hiking is not required. Training will be provided. If interested, please contact Carol Ayres at 480-221-4025 or Send Email


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We would like to pass on news & events that may be of interest to you. Your conservancy has been very busy and we want to be sure you have the latest information.
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