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January 12, 2019
18 of us worked on a maintenance of the Sonoran Trail on Saturday. We completed almost half of the trail and will try to complete the rest next Saturday. I will have to admit that doing maintenance does not seem as exciting as building a new trail, but it is important to hikers/bikers alike and truly appreciated by all users.

Doug, Bob, Jude, Norm, JohnM



Garet working on a trail drain

The hard working rock armoring crew: Jerry, Walt, Jim

Stan, Walt, Jim, BillJ, Garet, JohnM, Bob, Paul, JohnS, Jerry, Jude, Doug, Tom, David, Gary, Cliff - Look at all of those smiles after 3 hours of hard work!

January 5, 2019
Thanks to Paul Garvey's leadership, we finished installing all 228 new trail signs this past Thursday. These were needed as a result of the building of the Lower Sonoran Trail and the completion of the Trailhead.

This week's crew: Alan, David, Paul, Bill, Walt, Tim, Jim

In addition to building/maintaining trails, we build emergency helicopter landing pads at strategic points on our trails. Above Paul, Bob, and JohnM worked to better an existing pad on the Western Loop trail.

Bob, JohnM

Reroute crew of a part of the Andrews/Kinsey trail. Doug with Norm in the background

Gary working hard as always

Jerry and David fortifying the trail edge around a turn

Rock armoring specialists Jim and Walt




After - with hikers on the new trail before we even left.





Don't tell us that we don't put on a finishing touch. Stan sweeping away.

Bob, Gary, Doug, Jude, JohnT, Jerry, David, Norm, JohnM, Jim, Paul, Stan, Walt, Bill

December 29, 2018
On a chilly morning, 13 of us warmed up with a lot of good hard work. The reroute of the Alternate bike trail was completed and opened. We also started on the reroute of a nasty section of the Andrews/Kinsey trail and should finish next Saturday.

Yes, that is Walt on the left, with long pants and a jacket on. I do believe this is something we have never seen before! As such, you know it must have been chilly this morning. But with long pants or short ones, Walt is one heck of a worker!

Son Justin and father Paul, taking out the vegetation in the path of our new trail. Thanks for joining us again Justin.

Bob, John, Larry - starting the tread of the new trail

Larry, raking smooth the tread of the new trail. (Bill, your shadow is in the way.)

David and Gary starting their section of the new trail.

It got quite rocky around the last turn.
Gary, Justin and David making headway.

Here is a before and after shot of building/armoring a trail across a good sized wash

Jim, Walt, and Jerry did a great job on the two wash crossings on this trail.

John, Justin, Paul, Jim, Walt(in T-shirt), David, Gary, Larry, Jude, Mike, Bob, Jerry.
I am grateful to say that the Town is very fortunate to have a group of volunteers like this!!!

December 22, 2018
Fifteen of us finished a maintenance on the existing Andrews/Kinsey trail on Saturday. There is one area that needs to be rerouted due to it being too steep and having loose dirt/gravel on this steep section. I feel this is a safety issue and we will start work on this area this coming Saturday.

What are Poppys doing blooming in December?>
-- and will they bloom again in the Spring now that they have bloomed now?

We also had a crew that installed signs on Friday. We hauled in the signs on poles, the tools, the concrete, and the water. Five signs were installed with 8 to go.

Paul and Larry installing a sign. Hey Bill, we are installing signs, not identifying plants.

Paul, David, Walt, John, Alan, Larry
And the Saturday work crew:



TomR, Jude

TomB, David, Gary

New volunteer Garet

Walt, TomR, BillJ, Judek Bob, JohnT, TomB, Garet, Jerry, Doug, JohnM, David (not pictured Stan and Gary)

December 15, 2018
It was on the cool side when we started to work yesterday, but a good crew of 16 of us warmed up quickly. We are almost finished with the reroute of the Alternate Bike Trail that we have been working on, with only the second crossing of the wash to complete. While Jim, Walt, Jerry, and John were working on that crossing, the rest of us headed up toward the Andrews/Kinsey Trail, starting a maintenance there.

Jerry, Paul, Cliff - In the middle on the right is that final wash that is to be crossed. All these flowers blooming in December. Will they bloom again in the Spring?

I caught Doug trying to hide in the bushes. ---- OK, not really, he is a heck of a worker!

Jim, Walt, and JohnM completing the first wash crossing.

Bob, What a Pose JohnT, and Gary working on a water diversion.

Tom creating a swale around a big curve to help bikers make the turn.

Dr John and Isn't This Fun BillJ

Stan working on a water diversion. That is what so much of this work is about, diverting the water.

Paul and Jim standing on the first wash crossing. Its hard to imagine the expertise and total amount of work that went into armoring this, just a smooth path over the wash. Jim is the Armor Man!

Gary, Paul, Jim, Tom, BillJ, Doug, Walt, Jude, Cliff, JohnM, Stan, Bob, Jerry

December 8, 2018
A dozen of us worked real hard today. The tread of the trail that we are working on is looking real nice. We have moved a lot of rocks, both from the tread and into place for crossing the wash. The work on armoring the crossing of the wash is comming together also.

Doug, smoothing out the tread of a portion of the trail.

Tom B and Cliff searching for rocks with which to armor the lower crossing of the wash.

Walt and Jim armoring the upper crossing of the wash.

Big Al back to packing down the trail with his big feet.

Jerry working on banking the turn around the tree on the left.

Stan the finisher.

Tom R, learning fast and working hard.

Alright, this isn't a two rock bar boulder. I'll bring the third one next week

Jerry, Bill, Al, Jude, Doug, Cliff, Stan, TomB, TomR, Jim, Gary, Walt

Aaaaaaa, donuts at Bashas.
Now for a couple of before/after pictures showing more of today's work:



December 1, 2018
What a great trail building day we had on Saturday. It was a bit cool at the start so Jerry Butler led us in calisthenics to get us warmed up. Then we worked hard and were very appreciative of the what we accomplished. At the end, when we walked back over what we had built, there was just that good feeling of satisfaction. And it was another beautiful day in the neighborhood - aren't we fortunate to live here!

Paul and Jude (hiding in the bushes or actually working hard?)
started out the new trail, cutting a path through the shrubs

Bob, Stan, and Jerry (OK, so he didn't really lead us in calisthenics)
building the trail down to the rough "wash" that we have to cross.

Gary, Tom (new recruit, even said that he enjoyed the morning)
and Cliff finishing a portion of the old section.

John gathering flat rocks for the crossing of the wash.

"Phony photo", but we did move a number of rocks needing two rock bars

Walt and I actually moving that big rock with rock bars

Jerry, Cliff, Jim, Walt, Bob - It took 4 of us to move that rock.
Now Jim is going to use it as a base rock for crossing the wash.

Either it is near the end of work, or we have changed to
"Government Work",= 2 working and 4 more watching

Cliff, Paul, Bob, Jude, Gary, John, Jim, Walt, Tom, Jerry
This is at the end of three solid hours of work and they are actually smiling.
Now for a couple of before/after pictures showing more of today's work:







November 24, 2018
We had a productive work session yesterday. The rains since last trail building season really washed out work that had been done on the Alternate bike trail from the Western Loop down to the Trailhead. Yesterday we did a temporary maintenance on this trail, with the plan to work on the reroute of the steep parts of this trail that we started last year, on the next couple of Saturdays.

Tommy, Jude, Cliff - a blue sky beautiful day

John T working hard

Walt, John M, working on the trail entrance from the Trailhead

Paul, Jerry raking the trail a little smoother

(Photo by Bob Burns) Yes, Bob was on duty as a volunteer Trailhead Host. Thanks Bob!
Cliff, Walt, Jerry, Bill, Jude, JohnM, JohnT, Tommy, Paul

November 3, 2018
We completed the maintenance of the Lake Overlook trail today. Once again, there was a large number of people using the trail as we were working. All thanking us for our work as they went by. The summer rains really did a job on the trail, but it is now safely walkable.

Jim, working with the McLeod

Dan, raking those loose rocks off of the trail

JohnT, friend Gene, JohnM, Jerry, Dr John. That's right, three Johns

Same crew. Check out how nice the tread of that trail looks.

Gary working on a water outlet. Hikers at the top of the hill.

Walt with more hikers just passing him.
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